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Mr. French Quinn Cemetery Project

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Mr. French Quinn Cemetery Project
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Project estimated costs $1500
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Why was French Quinn so important to Decatur?

The obit of French Quinn, 1872 to 1948, states that " Mr. Quinn was known as a historian, author, and lecturer…but that he was most happy when participating in community activities.  He had an inspiring influence in every gathering and in every worthy cause and contributed beyond measure to the development of his home town."  
Some of French Quinn’s work as a community activist include:
           1.  He spearheaded a Street Tree program with accounts for the large trees lining Second Street today.
           2.  He directed the Elephant Rock project, a 50 ton glacial boulder that laid upstream in the St. Mary’s River, as a tribute to Gene Stratton Porter.
           3.  He led the huge effort to establish and build the Peace Monument on the Court House Square.  It is believed to be the first monument dedicated to Peace in the United States.
           4.  In order to preserve some of the wilderness and old growth timber which was rapidly being destroyed by the growth of the community, Quinn worked with the family of Oliver Hanna and his  wife Mary Nuttman Hanna, who eventually deeded the more than 45 acres known today as Hanna-Nuttman Park.  That land has a deed restriction to remain as a park and preserve the old  growth timber stands.
    5.  As an economic development project in 1919, Quinn and others reached an agreement with General Electric to establish a small motor plant in Decatur.  The plant closed in 1987.
            6.  Quinn was the author of a history of Adams County, called a Short, Short Story of Adams County.  It was a compilation of many stories, facts and memories, and is a much sot after book   today.
            7.  He was the first president of the Decatur Chamber of Commerce.

We owe much to the efforts of French Quinn. He truly helped make Decatur what it is today!



The Adams County Museum is working in conjunction with the Decatur Cemetery and the Adams Memorial Hospital to restore the tombstones of French Quinn, one of Decatur’s most respected and revered citizens.  
Over the years, the stones have become discolored and covered with lichen and other such growth that can be hazardous to gravestones.  This growth can trap moisture on and under the surface of the stone, thereby leading to cracks.  They also contain an acid that will, in time, dissolve the stone and mortar.  
It is our desire to remove the growth that causes deterioration of the stone, and replace the concrete bases, thereby honoring an outstanding man who gave much to his community.

Please note: Any funds raised over and above project costs will be applied to other ACHS Restoration projects

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