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New Restoration Projects

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Please note:  Any ACHS donations received for a specific project that has already been fully funded will be automatically applied towards another listed project or General Funds.             

Beveled Glass Doors

This original built in dining room hutch has 3 beautiful beveled glass doors that need repair. The glass is beginning to bow out and crack. If left alone, the lead will become so brittle, the individual panes will begin to fall out and break.


Total Project Cost: $1,259

Restore Wood Floors

The Dugan Mansion retains its original wood floors however, the first floor is in great need of sanding and restaining as well as some repair to individual boards.

This project would include the Foyer, Vestibule,  Library, Cigar Room, Grand staircase, Dining Room and Butler's Pantry.

Total Project Cost: $17,355

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Classic Floors patrick.jpg
Music Room fireplace.jpg

There are 5 fireplaces within the Dugan Mansion. These wood fireplaces are no longer in operable condition however, our goal is get some of them back in safe working order. Based on a recent inspection of the chimneys and fireboxes, we have decided to go with a gas line, grates and logs in the Foyer, Library and Cigar Room. 

Total Project Cost: $3,425

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Back Porch Railing

The Dugan back porch is where all the deliveries used to take place including placing ice directly into the icebox via a small hatch door on the back porch. Can you spot it?


This back porch has recently been taken back to its original look. The only thing missing is the railing! 


Total Project Cost: $3,100

Porch Swing

There has always been a porch swing on the front porch of the Dugan Mansion. 

The current porch swing is not original and is becoming weak and falling apart.

We want to replace it with a strong white wicker two-person swing. 

Total Project Cost: $500 


Solar Shades

To help protect some of the priceless artifacts from sun and fading, we want to install Solar Shades on some of the Mansion's windows.

Solar Shades block heat and glare without sacrificing the view and provides UV protection as well. Pictured below is a sample solar shade.

Total Project Cost: $1,600

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solar shade pic.jpeg
Brick Wall
Tuckpoint Brick

Some projects aren't as fun as others but are still just as necessary. The front porch brick needs to be cleaned and tuck pointed below the wooden porch area to prevent further damage.


Total Project Cost: $1,500


Several areas need a fresh coat of paint and repairs to the ceilings and cracks such as the Library, Foyer, Parlor, Cigar Room and Half Bathroom. 

In addition, we'd like to remove the popcorn ceiling and current wallpaper in the Library and go with period colors such as Mrs. Dugan would have had in her time.

Total Project Cost: $8,200

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